Sustainable, timeless and bold - that’s the essence of IAMELENI: a slow fashion jewellery brand born out of the great passion for true craftsmanship.

The founder and jewellery designer Eleni, has a background in fashion retail and always had a great interest in design; the different shapes and forms, what they express.

After a silversmith course in 2014, it was like she found the missing piece in her life. She had been longing to create something of her own for a long time. This led to several courses and one goldsmith apprenticeship to learn the goldsmith’s work.

Today, Eleni is a goldsmith with her studio at Södermalm in Stockholm. You might have seen her pieces on Swedish pop stars and at the Stockholm Auction House. She was also one of the selected jewellery designers at Precious Talents in 2018.

Eleni creates powerful jewellery with a playful balance between the raw and delicate. Her influences are often her roots in Athens, the Mediterranean Sea, different shapes and elements found in nature. Her vision is simply to create a room for you to match and stack her pieces - for you to create your own personal expression.

Handmade and handcrafted pieces thoughtfully made of precious metals. Sustainability is always in the back of her head and she makes sure everything is ethically made. Besides her own collections, she takes special orders, custom made designs and engagement jewellery. You can send your request to

~ Made to wear, to tear, to love ~


IAMELENI studio Tavastgatan 47